Different College Activities at College

Coocking (Under SUPW)

As a part of the B.Ed curriculam,cooking falls under one of the practical activities for the third semester students.The teacher-in-charge divides the students into different groups and give them the task of cooking items/dishes based upon their interest. The students take high participation and end up in cooking mouth watering dishes like pulao,jeera rice,biryani,chicken items,mutton items,veg items,fish items,delicacies like gajar ka haluwa,sewaiyan,moong ki pulao,sweet dishes etc.Each student remains accountable for the group where in he/she is a member.Every year our students have made this event a grand success.

International Women’s Day 

The International Women’s Day 2020 was observed on 7th March in the college campus of Vidyasagar College of Education based on the theme for this year “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. To observe the program on the specific day several activities were performed by the students of both semesters. The program was started with banner making by the students at 1.30 am followed by essay writing competition on the topic of “Inspirational Women of India”. After that a talk session was held on the topic “Women Achievers in different Fields”. Many students from both the semester come up with various information about the women achievers in different fields like in armed force, police, aircraft pilots, locomotive pilots, aerospace engineers, building and construction, scientists, etc. the talk session is followed by the inspirational songs on women empowerment by two group of students and a wonderful recitation by a student of fourth semester. The program was ended by vote of thanks given by an Assistant Professor of Vidyasagar College of Education with spreading the wonderful massage of women empowerment.

Placement Programme

Vidyasagar College of Education promotes opportunity to the students by organizing a provision for placement programme. The trainees are selected through a procedure- interview for testing personality followed by online test. Many students take active participation and get selected. The agencies such as Easy Educational Organization (Bhopal and Chhattisgarh), Gems/Orchid International School (Bangalore), the KIIT School of Management (Odisha), the Murugappa Group of Companies come to the campus and prepare students for employment.

Wall Magazine

Wall magazine is a periodical run on a college notice board where the students and other members of the institution post their articles, poems, drawing, painting, composition etc. Vidyasagar College of Education gives its members the opportunity to vent out their creativity and publish on the wall magazine. It is inaugurated every year on Teachers day by the honourable Principal in the presence of the teachers and students. The entire magazine is beautifully decorated by the students with a note of the minutest event held in the college.