Social Responsibilities done by College

Awareness Programme

An awareness programme conducted by Petroleum Conservation Research Association under the ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India is held every year in Vidyasagar College of Education. A resourse person comes to the campus and present his useful ideas infront of the students,teachers and members of the institution .The topics cover elements like saving gas, petroleum, electricity ,use of pressure cooker etc. which are very fruitful in everyday life. Similarly, an awareness programme on use of tobacco was also organized by NTPC in collaboration with the college. Quizzes were held wherein our students grabbed the prizes on promoting awareness on the use of tobacco.

Blood Donation Camp 

Voluntary blood donation camp is organized periodically by Vidyasagar College of Education with an insight of understanding the value of red drop in anyone’s life. The camp begins with the short introductory session by the honourable Principal about the importance of blood donation and serving the society followed by the donation of blood by the volunteers. A doctor and members from the blood banks come to the college and collect the blood and assures the safety of the blood packs and preservation for useful purpose.

Cloth Distribution to the Needy

Every year Vidyasagar College of Education organizes Cloth distribution Programme to the needy people of the nearby areas with the initiative of the members of the management committee. All the teaching and non-teaching staffs of the institution along with the students come forward for this noble deed. The poor people are provided the seats and are also offered food. It begins with the lightening of the lamp, introduction of each people and finally distribution of cloth with a packet full of healthy snacks and sweets.

Rally and Beautification

Rally and beautification is also an important part of the B.Ed. curriculum. It covers the practical aspect of the programme. The college holds rally and procession under the guidance of respective teachers on themes like women empowerment, water conservation, dengue awareness, fight against plastics and save the environment campaign to aware the people of the local community about various health and environmental hazards. Beautification of campus is organized by the students with the help of teachers. In this activity the surrounding premises of the campus are cleaned, cleared, weeded out and festooned with beautiful flowers, viz., rose, marigold, hibiscus, agelia, dahlia, pine tree, deodar tree, teak tree and their saplings. It also includes wall painting and colouring carried out by the students with the teacher in-charge.