Student on the Rolls of the Institution

  1. Date of commencement of the current academic session - 01.07.2016
  2. Last date fixed by the affiliating body for admission - 30.07.2016
  3. Date of last admission made in the instiution - 29.06.2016
  4. Mode of selection of students : Selected By Affiliating Body
  5. No Entrance test is conducted by the Institution/affiliating body/State Govt.
  6. No. of students enrolled in the current academic session - 100
  7. Category wise distribution of students  
Programme No. of Male Student No. of Female Student No. of Student enrolled in SC Category No. of Student enrolled in ST Category No. of Student enrolled in OBC Category No. of Student enrolled in Unreserved Category Total Student Programme
B.ED. 32 68 40 06 21 33 100
  • h. No. of Students in each Pedagogy Subject
Programme Name Pedagogy Subject Number of Students Enrolled
B.ED. English 21
Hindi/Regional Language 33
Social Science 24
Mathemaics 7
Physical Science 3
Life Science 7
Any other type -